Clinical trials AI

We help to increase the recruitment in cancer clinical trials.
Our mission stems from a real need in the daily practice of medical oncologists and cancer researchers for tools to enhance recruitment through clinical trial awareness and collaborative work. Oncologists and clinical researchers seen many opportunities lost for patients who could have potentially benefited of participating on clinical trials if they would have offered to.
Medbravo referral tools are a comprehensive digital solution for efficient collaborative clinical research on cancer.

We have the technology needed to network hospitals, health professionals, and research personnel to streamline the referrals of cancer patients to clinical trials.

Medbravo improves collaboration of health professionals, research personnel and hospitals on cancer clinical research.

By streamlining referrals of cancer patients to clinical trials, Medbravo offers more patients the opportunity to participate in the development of better cancer treatments.


Have always a visible and updated clinical research profile.
Be a clinical research referent on your area.
Be networked to streamline patients referrals in your clinical trials.


Discover clinical trial opportunities in hospitals near you.
Expand your options by participating in clinical trials.
Be contacted by health professionals when a new clinical trial participation opportunity exists.

Health Professionals

Expand the treatment options of your patients.
Be notified on the latest news on clinical trials on your cancer specialty in your region.
Be connected with the researchers and keep always track of your patients.


Reach your recruitment goals faster.
Network with health professionals for qualified patients referrals.
Consolidate your clinical research profile.

Medicine and AI
Medbravo is your partner to apply Artificial Intelligence to your health projects.
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