We’re a team of health professionals, data scientists and AI engineers who believe that AI will redefine medicine.
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Health data processing
Applying AI to existing biomedical knowledge-bases requires anonymization, de-identification, curation processes and integration from diverse sources and data types to guarantee high-quality data while ensuring confidentiality and the protection of privacy. We provide the support to implement the required processes and data architectures with a focus on simplicity, efficiency and re-usability.
Strategic Planning
Whether you are interested in partnering with a third-party AI specialist team or you would like to build an in-house AI department, we offer you a customized strategical plan and the access to the human-resources needed.
An exploratory data analysis (EDA) is the first step to obtain insights from your data. Our data-scientist are experts on EDA.
Automatic Labeling
Often biomedical knowledge bases require huge manual efforts to structure and label the data which is required for subsequent health information system integration and exploitation either for health management processes or research purposes. We offer solutions to automatize those processes through innovative neural lenguage models based on the latest deep learning and transfer learning techniques.
Technical Training
We provide online and remote personalized training customized to your organization needs to help you succeed in your AI projects
AI Project Consulting
Our team has years of experience working with a broad range of biomedical multidimensional data including medical imaging, non-structured and semi-structured clinical data including medical records, clinical reports in natural lenguate, clinical trials, genomics data, together with expertise in biomedical informatic tools, public repositories and biomedical ontologies and standardized medical terminologies. We provide the expertise needed to apply the latest deep learning and other AI techniques to your projects.
Medicine and AI
Medbravo is your partner to apply Artificial Intelligence to your health projects.
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