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Aurelia Bustos, MD, PhD
Medical Oncologist &
Computer Science Engineer, PhD in AI
Board-certified medical oncologist practicing during more than 18 years and computer science engineer. Multidisciplinary expertise in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, software engineering, health technology, clinical oncology, clinical trials and cancer research industry. Passionate on intellectual challenges, entrepreneurship and team leader. Her motivation is to contribute in the fight against cancer, developing the technology and infrastructure clinicians and patients needs.

In 2006 she was awarded the Second National End of Studies Award on Computer Science to the best university academic expedients by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

In December 2014 she co-founded Medbravo as an online clinical trial referral network to optimize the participation of cancer patients in clinical trials.

In June 2019 she was awarded with the Order of Civil Merit by His Majesty the King of Spain- Felipe VI for the commitment in Oncology research and the application of artificial intelligence techniques.
Andres Torrubia, MsC
Telecommunication Engineer
Top 0.1%  Kaggle competitor on AI Challenges
An entrepreneur who thrives in the intersection of engineering, customer-first mindset and business model development. He co-founded a digital distribution e-commerce headquartered in San Francisco that was sold to an american public company. He is currently the co-founder of an internet marketplace of people services.

In 2016, after co-founding Medbravo, he was elected Eisenhower Fellow, Multi Nation Program.

Since 2017 he has championed consecutive Artificial Intelligence world-wide competitions.
Medicine and AI
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